"“Buzzin” takes doomy, smog-filled psych to creepy new dimensions. Opening with a slow strut of garage blues, you don’t realize how much its hypnotic sludge has sucked you in until it’s too late. By the time the grimy, gritty chorus vocals and spine-chilling, paranormal synths kick in, the coffin has closed, the key has been swallowed and you’ve been buried alive."



“Sonically, the tracks build off of a solid garage rock foundation that’s most emblematic of the psychedelic leanings of San Francisco’s Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, but Ghost King isn’t afraid to pull some intriguing variations out of their bag of tricks. The band can play distorted, fuzzed out licks as evidenced by the album’s second single, “Toad Jam,” and the album’s second track “Slither,” but McNeil isn’t content to be pigeonholed into one genre.”


"Hailing from the borough of Brooklyn, Ryan Irven boss of Mind Altar Records has taken what he loves and is turning it into a business. A dedicated love of music has seen Ryan say “fuck it, I believe I can do better than whats been offered to local artists”. It has been a natural progression from reviewing records through his Instagram account Wax Addict Music to now literally pressing the records himself."


"For the 7” release, Honduras has cranked the surf rock atmosphere all the way up, bringing out their inner Beach Boys vibes. In particular, “Need The Sun” feels like it was crafted on the Santa Monica Pier in the early 1970s while wearing a pair of bell-bottom jeans. “Water Sign” throws in a little bit of dirty CBGB to balance out its sunniness, reminding us that they haven’t forgotten their punk dive bar roots."


"Honduras’ vocals have an air of disinterest, a replica of authentic punk rockers. Their brand of garage rock is the kind with staying power. This band is still making waves with their new split 7” released via Mind Altar Records. Although both tracks were only meant to ever be demos, they formed into something worth releasing and if you take a listen to “Need the Sun” on YouTube, you’ll quickly realize why."


"Mind Altar Founder Ryan Irven has an almost “Utopian” hope for the future of his label, and the Indie Record Label Scene in general, but he goes into this with not only a firm conviction but with the knowledge of his peers, garnished from his years of covering the music scenes and being involved in it so deeply, he knows that it is not all smiles and candy, but there will be hard work ahead..."