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We are tirelessly scouring the lands for the world’s best psychedelic, garage, surf, shoegaze or any other combinations of sounds that fall between the chasms.

The world is littered with digital organisms that move in and out of existence in the blink of an eye. We are purveyors of the tangible; creating artifacts that reconnect mankind with the full visceral experience of music. The way it was always intended.

There is a powerful synergy that flows between music and the art that houses it, acting as one symbiotic unit. We strive to look as good as we sound, by carefully aligning our artwork with the music that inspires it. Mind Altar Records is also a full design studio for all of the needs a flourishing musician requires. Our mission is to unearth and elevate the talent that lives among us to a higher tier.

Mind Altar Records is a shift in thinking, a wider perspective and deeper understanding of the world and beyond. Knowledge is power.

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